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Praise for Masters of Light:

“Never before in Latter-day Saint literature, has there been such a poignant examination of the power of devoutly consecrated fine art to lead us to Christ. For Herman du Toit moral instruction and inspiration through the visual representations of virtue and example is the transcendent aim for art of the Restoration. He has summoned four non-Mormon Christian masters as our exemplars and in doing so, has created a handbook on how to instill spiritual power within art. As intellectually searching as this book is, the author has eschewed postmodern idiom in favor of poetic clarity and broad understanding.

Its relevance will surely multiply as the light of the LDS Church grows and the darkness of the secular world deepens. Du Toit has produced a seminal treatise for everyone who cares about truth, beauty and the Gospel way.”

–Vern Swanson, Art Historian and former Director of the Springville Museum of Art, Utah.

“This study is by one of Mormonism’s most distinguished museum educators; experiencing it you may see spiritual art and the Gospel in new and compelling ways. Herman du Toit’s message will richly reward your time and effort.”

–Richard Oman, Former Curator at the Church Museum of History and Art, Salt Lake City, Utah.